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Kaloob Development Office Foundation Inc.

Since 2010, we have worked as a small NGO and together with the poorest and most vulnerable people of the Philippines, especially the victims of natural disasters, to help them create their own brighter future.

Why help in the Philippines?

The Philippines are an archipelago where great poverty persists. Many people left behind still have great difficulties to get access to education, health, decent housing and consistent livelihood.

The Philippines are also a geographical area which is extremely affected by climate change and natural disasters. Typhoons regularly destroy houses, roads and lands. Once again, the most needy are the first victims.


The Philippines is the 3rd region in the world most affected by natural disasters.

Great poverty

About 1/5 of the Philippines' citizens live with no more than $2 a day.

Infant mortality

pass away before the age of 5

Access to school

cannot afford to go to school

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