Our mission

We help people to access decent living conditions, so that they can, in turn, build a brighter future for their communities.

Forming leaders, building communities.

To do so, we implement development projects directly with our beneficiaries in Metro Manila, Northern Luzon, Leyte and Negros Oriental. Our projects always address at least one of these needs:


Through prevention, we improve hygiene and health in poor areas.


We help the poorest to diversify their income, to give them a better chance.


Our emergency fund allows us to be ready to act when a natural disaster strikes.


We help victims of typhoons to rebuild their houses and their communities' infrastructures.


We help motivated young people to get access to graduate education.

By the way, what does "Kaloob" mean?

Our name "Kaloob" is a Tagalog word, meaning "a gift from the heart".

We don't only help the people. We see them as human beings full of potential and as our equals. We strive to create long-term bonds with them. Rather than quantity, we aim to achieve qualitative and consistent actions.

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