Ongoing projects

Background image: construction of a water tank in 2014 in Piat, Luzon Island (Northern Philippines)

The Cow Project

πŸ“ Valencia, Negros Oriental - Livelihood project πŸ‘›

We lend cows to poor farmers. As they raise them, the value of the cows increases. In case they have to face an unforeseen life event, they can sell them. Each cow then plays the role of a life insurance. The share of the profit with Kaloob (75% goes to the farmer) recognizes the farmer's work to its right value. As for the calves, they can be sold each year, bringing an additional revenue to the family.

A pathway for the children of Sitio Anido

πŸ“ Tacloban, Leyte - Housing project 🏘️

After typhoon Yolanda stroke hardly the Philippines in 2013, Kaloob got involved in a reconstruction program in Sitio Anido (Leyte). Since then, Kaloob progressively helps the residents to improve their living conditions. In partnership with French Scouts, Kaloob and the residents will create a solid and long-lasting pathway for the community. The construction work will take place in July and August 2019.

Drinkable Water For Everyone

πŸ“ Piat, Luzon & Tacloban, Leyte - Housing project 🏘️

In partnership with Res'eau association and French Scouts, Kaloob installed a watertank and access to drinkable water in Piat (Province of Cagayan) and Sitio Anido (Province of Leyte).

Scholarships Program

Education project πŸŽ“

To give to poor families a better chance and to train future leaders, Kaloob decided to create a scholarship program. It allows motivated young people from places where Kaloob intervenes to have access to graduate studies.

Healthcare in Marytown

πŸ“ Marytown, Quezon City, Manila - Healthcare project πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βš•οΈ

Marytown is a poor neighborhood located in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The low income of the inhabitants does not allow them to access health services. Kaloob organizes ponctual prevention and healthcare interventions: dental care for children, visits and supply of medical needs for the elderly, raising awareness of the population about hygiene and health issues...

Kaloob's Emergency fund

Emergency project πŸŒͺ️

The Philippines is one of the most affected countries by climate change and natural disasters, especially typhoons. Kaloob created a fund to be ready to act quickly in case of a disaster. In such a situation, Kaloob will first identify the damages caused. Then our fund will be used to help the victims as efficiently as possible.

Our Achievements

Thanks to your support since our foundation, we have been able to change the course of many lives.


Families connected to drinkable water


Children sensitized to hygiene


Beneficiaries of scolarships


Houses (re)constructed


victims of typhoon helped through "cash for service"


International volunteers, scouts, students involved

Thank you!

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